Whether for a semiconductor brochure or a wedding reception, good writing, careful editing, and polished layout make the cornerstone of your communications.

Writing and editing work can take many forms, and we can help you regardless of where you are in your project: conducting interviews and doing research, writing a first draft, editing in response to your feedback, then bringing your project to its final form. Or we can take your notes or your draft and take it from there. We also work with self-publishers, providing full book-production services.

Writing Editing Index & Layout
We can write anything, from web copy or annual report copy to a full technical book. We can start from your notes, or start from scratch. Good editing is a big part of what separates good docs from the bad. We can take your existing materials and edit them for crispness and clarity, from mere grammar fixes all the way to complete rewrites. We can take your document and turn it into a finished masterpiece with indexing, hyperlinking, and full layout services.

Writing & Editing

Whether starting from your outline or draft, or conducting interviews and doing research, we can write your next case study, solution brief, sales guide, or other marketing document. We can also write user manuals, procedure documents, installation guides, white papers, web copy… you name it, we can probably write it.

Standard editing involves checking grammar, flow, and branding. Technical editing goes further to include such things as verifying code syntax, checking for consistent terminology, and general useability in manuals and specifications. Then there is what I like to call “extreme editing,” which is editing that is so extensive that it is basically a rewrite, such as in documents written in another language and then poorly translated into English.

Details about different types of editing that we offer.

Tools. We primarily use InDesign, MS Word, LibreOffice, and LaTex. We can also use HTML and XML with Docbook or other schemas. If you need work done in other tools, let me know. We do not offer help authoring or work in MadCap Flare, but we can refer you to a leading expert who can help you.

Layout: The finishing touch.

Even with the best writing and editing in the world, you must present your work in a way that people will want to read. Quality layout puts the finishing touches on your document. Bring us your document and we will lay it out into a professional brochure, manual, or book.

  • We have 20+ years of layout experience and know how to use the proper styling and tagging techniques that enable document automation, eBook rendering, and more.
  • We can start with your work in almost any file format, and can even scan your hard copy document if an electronic version does not exist.
  • We can use your illustrations or photographs, or create or source them for you.
  • We can use your templates and guidelines, or create a new collateral design for you.
  • We can add the index, links, and automation you need for an interactive document without extensive post-processing.
  • We can deliver final files for web or print, or help you get them printed.
  • We work with the professional layout software and provide you with the final production files.

Check out the samples

We invite you to look at samples of our work by clicking a thumbnail below to open a PDF.  The letters beneath the thumbnail tell you whether we were involved with the Writing, Editing, or Layout on that project: DocIcon-Legend

Brochure-OracleIntel Finance-white-paperHowTo-GraphicsHowTo-MktPlan HPG_SSG Brief-DigitalRetail Brief-DigitalSignage CaseStudy-SmartATM Brief-Telework Brief-CloudSecurity Event-ConnectedStore CaseStudy-Beverage CaseStudy-Airstream AnnualReport      UseManual-ImageDealer      HowTo-Newsletter ReferenceGuides BookProduction


More layout and design examples

In addition to the technical, marketing, and business documents above, we have also worked on a wide variety of other marketing communication projects, such as the following:


example-books example-postcards example-Restaurant example-cdCase LayoutExample-BuffyBook