The Straggler

September 21, 2011

Released today! Just for fun — a silly little 30-second-long animated short film titled The Straggler (click the Vimeo link for 720p high-def):

Below is a screenshot of what the butterfly model looks like in Blender. One bone in the armature is a control bone that drives the wing flap movement, and another bone controls the angle of the legs that dangle under the body. I created an action in the action editor for one cycle of wing flap, much like you would animate a walk cycle in a critter that walks, and then spread some flapping actions on the timeline using the non-linear action editor. Each butterfly object is parented to a path object that defines its flight path.

Butterfly and rigging in Blender 2.59

Butterfly and rigging in Blender 2.59

The grass in the video background uses the Blender particle system to define how the clumps of grass will appear. Each grass blade is a simple mesh object, with five different grass blade textures UV-mapped onto a group of five slightly different grass blades. The little bush in the foreground was made and animated using Blender’s Sapling plug-in.

The music was composed using Rosegarden to edit the score and mix the tracks, and Timidity for synthesizing the instruments.

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