PDF fixes

PDF is the the ubiquitous file format, but it is finicky as hell. I can get much done on a problem PDF using Acrobat Pro, but when I need to resize a PDF and don’t have access to the source files, I have had great success with the free DocuPub online utility.


Domain search and hosting

I use IONOS (formerly 1&1) for my domain searches and web hosting. I have about 20 domains and 6 websites through them. The link below is a referral link.

Link: IONOS*

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Stickers and buttons

I work with Stickermule for my stickers, decals, pins, magnets, and more for tradeshow giveaways and shipping supplies. I use them for many of my clients’ work as well as my own.

Link: Stickermule

Applicable blog post: Tradeshow Giveaways & Promotional Gifts



I’m a bit of a font junkie, although some might say I am a font snob. My favorite place to browse and buy quality fonts is MyFonts. And don’t miss their What the Font service for identifying fonts you spot in the wild.

Link: MyFonts

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Print-on-demand books

Whether for self-publishing clients, my own books, or for client booklets and reference guides — I use both Lulu and KDP (formerly Createspace) for my print-on-demand book needs. 

Links: Lulu   KDP

Applicable blog post: Getting Started in Self-publishing


Tech editing reference

It’s very niche, but I find the collection of tech writing and tech editing topics on the Write the Docs site to be a good resource. It’s maybe a bit over technical for many writers and editors, but if you are working on technical specs or engineering docs, this may be just the place for you.

Link: Write The Docs


Shirts and other merch

When we want shirts, hats, notebooks, lanyards, or other such merchandise (merch) for tradeshows and other events, my go-to vendor is Tryad Solutions. I have never been disappointed by their quality, and my rep there practically feels like a part of my event team. From time to time I have sent bids to other vendors just to compare prices, and am always happy to see that my tried-and-true Tryad is the best option for my budget. If you need merch, Tryad is the company you should contact.

Link: Tryad Solutions (or send an email to Amy Martin)

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Color Scheme Designer

There are many free color scheme generators available online. After trying quite a few, I like Perbang the best. Its UI isn’t as slick as some others, but I think it is the most intuitive and useful, and they have an impressive array of additional color and other tools.

Link: PerbangColor Scheme Generator

Applicable blog post: Consistent Color = Brand Power

(I also sometimes use these: Color-Hex and ColorHexa)